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Overall Ratings


Expeditious and Thorough Follow-Up - Thank You De' Angelo

Early this morning I reported a gurgling sound emanating from the utility closet in my apartment. This morning D'Angelo thoroughly examined the area a... Read more

By: Stephanie Hipple on 09/Nov/2020 01:44 PM Manager's Response: Hello Stephanie, Thank you for your awesome review! It is truly the best praise! We are thrilled that we were able to help in a time of need!... Read more

Welcome & move In

Thank you for making my move in quick and comfortable. Thank you Cindy for being a great sales woman, a gentle guide and a competent computer wiz. Tha... Read more

By: Stephanie M Hipple on 13/Oct/2020 11:45 AM Manager's Response: Wow! Thank you for these kind words, Stephanie:). We loving having you as a part of our community! Take care, Daymark Uptown... Read more

living experience

Cindy, Jessy, and Danielle have been more than helpful and ready to answer any question you have. The community spaces are great and always well kept.... Read more

By: Brandon Gentry on 05/Oct/2020 02:27 PM Manager's Response: Thank you for your review, Brandon! When you are happy, we are happy!... Read more

Exceptional Service from Cindy at Daymark Uptown!

?????? Cindy was incredibly helpful and a joy to work with as I was determining which place to call my next home. She was patient, forthcoming, provi... Read more

By: Lori Morris on 25/Aug/2020 09:41 AM Manager's Response: Hi Lori, Thank you for the five-star feedback! We could not be happier to have you join the Daymark community!... Read more